Author Topic: Mountains snapped from space  (Read 5309 times)

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Mountains snapped from space
« on: December 10, 2017, 11:47:29 PM »

Although this looks like a picture of a typical mountain range shot from an airplane,this is what the Himalayas look like out the window of the International Space Station.

The picture was taken with a hand-held 35 mm camera 230 miles above the earth!

Thats amazing!!!!!!!

It doesnt look like it was taken THAT FAR UP!! -- It does indeed look like someone in an airplane took it!!!

Although it looks as if it was taken from a cruising aeroplane, it was actually snapped by a hand-held 35mm camera looking out of the ISS window at an altitude of 370 kilometres (230 miles) above the Earth.

Looking at this large picture of it makes it look even more so like that!!!
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