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What music did you last buy?

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Wheather you like records,CDs,8 tracks or cassettes,what did ya last get?

I got 3 records today :)

1) Johnny Mathis - The Sweetheart Tree (MONO)
2) 38 Special - First album
3) Jethro Tull - First Album

Today I got an 8 track in the mail I ordered :)

The first Authentic 1950s rock and roll collection

Today I went to an estate sale and got 3 records :)

1) The Kinks - Give the people what they want
2) Frank Sinatra - Nice -n- easy (MONO)
3) Moody Blues - Seventh Sojourn

I couldnt believe this record was still in the bin!!!! (#3) -- I have this on 8 track and its INSANE!! -- I would say THE BEST moody blues album ever!!

Today I got a VHS tape :)

Bon Jovi - Breakaway (EP)

5 Songs on it..... Sounds gorgeous.... They didnt digitally compromise it!! (I love analogue so much)

Today I got a Firefall record :) (Thier 1977 album)

Luna sea


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