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Audius Loudus:

Not finding an edit option anywhere on my pages.

Thanks in advance for nearly any response.

Hmmm you should have the option!! (On the upper right (MODIFY))

See my picture :)

Audius Loudus:
I have "Quote"... that's all.

I'm running a MacBook Pro w/ macOS Sierra v10.12.5.
Browser is Safari v10.1.1

In theory, none of those things should be an issue for forum operation - just filling in the blanks for ya

There's only the 'quote' button present with Safari on PC too.  Same goes for Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

Are we all going to have to downgrade to Bambo's IE2?  Either that or just don't make mistakes.   :D

Hehe I think MyIE2 will work with ANY IE version Nelly but im not sure so you could maybe..... (I have IE6)


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